DCPS Arts actively seeks to build relationships with arts organizations and artists whose visions for arts education align with our own


DCPS Arts welcomes partnerships that create complementary and enriching experiences for our students.  We understand that work of creative development and arts education is the work of a complex network of educators, organizations and artists who interact with the young people of DC in a broad range of environments.  Through the Framework of Arts Learning and the Unit Design Model, we are developing a platform that allows the arts education community to develop programming with shared methods and goals that respect the scope of programming and organizational visions.





DCPS Arts welcomes donations of equipment, materials and funding to support the work of arts educators in the DC Public Schools.

DCPS Arts continues to build and deepen relationships with arts organizations who seek to work with the young people of the district.  We appreciate the opportunity to connect with organizations in order to determine the most effective pathway to partner, either through central office across schools or directly with individual schools and teachers.

The Framework for Arts Learning creates a platform through which arts educators across the district can work with common understandings.  DCPS Arts seeks partners who wish to collaboratively create arts experiences that bridge learning environments through the unit design model.