The arts are a function of being human, as they have been in every culture across time. 
Arts education ensures young people's social, emotional and intellectual development.


Arts education in DC Public Schools cultivates each students’ ability to create and empowers them to use their voice with courage.  DCPS Arts develops the critical problem solving and communication skills of students that are vital in creating today’s complex society.  The Framework for Arts Learning is a curriculum that encompasses all arts disciplines, aligning student investigations and experiences from the youngest school age to graduation. Throughout their time in DCPS, students increase their ability to address complex issues and to explore multiple perspectives through the arts. Students of DCPS arts education will be innovative in their approach to contemporary society’s most pressing issues, as they become savvy consumers and producers of culture.




Heather Holaday, Deputy Chief
Nathan Diamond, Director
Kristy Esparza, Visual and Digital Arts Specialist
Ray Mueller, Music Specialist
Katherine Park, Turnaround Arts:DC Local Program Director