a FRAMEWORK for arts learning

DCPS is dedicated to providing a high-quality arts education for all students.  DCPS has undertaken the development of a comprehensive and aligned arts curriculum that both communicates high expectations for student learning while respecting the diverse needs and goals of arts education in DCPS communities.   DCPS Arts works closely with partners across the region to enhance students' experiences in the arts.

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DCPS is committed to providing equitable education across the city.  All DCPS schools provide instruction in a minimum of two art forms with a focus on music and visual arts.  Throughout their time in DCPS, students increase their ability to address complex issues and to explore multiple perspectives through the arts.

building PARTNERSHIPS across the city

DCPS Arts values the significant role that arts organizations across the city play in the creative education of our students.  We collaborate in order to ensure that our work complements that of the larger arts education community.

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